TURN ON to Sony: This is what the PS5 should look like

The PS5 is still pretty far off – we have to wait until Christmas 2020 for its launch. What will the new console look like? We thought about it and came up with our dream design for the PlayStation 5. Sony, please make it so!

Form factor: Classy, rounded, luminous

Sony has always made sure that its PlayStation console fits into any living room, so we've kept our concept design simple.

We took the eye-catching 'gills' for ventilation from the striking devkit – the PS5 will need a lot of cooling due to its strong performance. Unlike the PlayStation 4, our design uses rounded corners. As a design element, the LED lighting extends over the sides of our console.

We want the surface to alternate between glossy and brushed black. For the buttons on the console, we return to the touch surfaces of the first PS3.

ps5-playstation-5-konzept-turn-on-konsole-wide fullscreen
This is what our dream PS5 looks like. Bild: © TURN ON 2019
ps5-playstation-5-konzept-turn-on-konsole-front fullscreen
The LED lighting extends over the rounded corners.
ps5-playstation-5-konzept-turn-on-konsole-top fullscreen
Shiny or matt? Why not both?
ps5-playstation-5-konzept-turn-on-usb-c-slots fullscreen
With a total of four USB ports, there are enough slots for additional hardware.

Specs: Latest technology for maximum hardware power

In our PS5, AMDs Gonzalo chip enables the already confirmed hardware raytracing for true next-gen graphics effects. A Zen 2 CPU and a Ryzen DNA CPU provide more than twice the power of the Xbox One X.

A full 24 gigabytes of GDDR6 RAM are available. In addition to a 4K Blu-ray drive, the built-in 2-terabyte SSD memory offers lots of space and enough speed to make loading times a thing of the past. Our PS5 is also fully backward compatible with all previous generations of PlayStations consoles.

With this hardware configuration, the PS5 will be able to deliver 8K content with this hardware configuration. The HDMI 2.1 output of our concept can deliver 8K resolution at up to 60 Hertz (Hz) and 4K resolution at up to 120 Hz. Additional hardware can be connected to the PS5's USB Type-C connectors – two of which are located on the front panel and two on the back.

PS5 controller: This is what our DualShock 5 can do

Sony has already confirmed that the PS5 controller will be very similar to the PS4's. The touchpad at the centre of the current generation's controller is barely used, so in our concept it gives way to a colour LED touchscreen. Touching this gets the player into the conesole's menu, and the display also shows the time and the controller's charge status. While playing PS5 games, it serves as a second screen that can show a character's health bar or ammunition level, for example.

If it was up to us, the PS5 would have a wireless charging feature for the DualShock 5 controller. After playing, simply place the controller on top of the console to recharge it. The charging progress is permanently displayed on the LED touchscreen and on the back of the controller.

Sony has already announced that the shoulder buttons of the new controller will offer dynamic counterpressure. Players will be able to feel more enhanced and intense haptic feedback from the vibrations produced. We like this idea a lot.

ps5-playstation-5-konzept-turn-on-controller-front fullscreen
Instead of a touchpad, the DualShock 5 has a touch display. Bild: © TURN ON
ps5-playstation-5-konzept-turn-on-controller-glide fullscreen
The display shows useful information such as health or remaining ammunition.
ps5-playstation-5-konzept-turn-on-controller-konsole fullscreen
The gamepads are charged wirelessly.

All features of our PS5 concept at a glance

  • Compact, simple design: Sony remains true to itself
  • Light strip on front and sides, touch surface buttons
  • AMD Gonzalo SoC with Zen-2-CPU and Ryzen-DNA-GPU
  • 24 Gigabyte GDDR6 RAM
  • 2 Terabyte SSD
  • Hardware raytracing
  • Backwards compatible with all PlayStation generations
  • Wireless charging of controllers via PS5 interface
  • DualShock 5 controller with LED touch screen, adaptive shoulder buttons and 3D vibration
  • 4 USB Type C sockets for additional hardware
  • HDMI 2.1 output
ps5-playstation-5-konzept-turn-on-konsole-specsheet fullscreen
This is what the PS5 should look like. Bild: © TURN ON 2019
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